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The cast of Tanken Driland.

Tanken Driland is a anime spin-off to the infamous online game - Driland. It focuses on the daily adventures of Princess Mikoto as she sets out to become a Hunter. The anime has 37 episodes and originally ran from July 7 2012 to March 30 2013, with a one-chapter prequel manga focused on a young Mokoto. The series proved popular enough to spawn a sequel called Tanken Driland: Sennen no Mahō.

Tanken Driland: Sennen no Mahō centres around Hagan, an aspiring Hunter who lives 1,000 years after the time of Princess Mikoto. This changed world is being threatened by the evil Hunter Godd, and Hagan finds himself thrown into a quest to stop him and save the world.

Editor's Note: Due to the slow release of subs, character names and plot points for the back half of Tanken Driland and all of Sennen no Mahō are subject to change without warning.

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